The History of IKHMedia

In 2015 – we started as the first community based station operating under the name Ian Broadcasting Networks. The station began by re-broadcasting AM 1170 and AM 1430 in Waupun on 95.9 FM and 101.3 FM

The station operated in 181 Harmsen Ave in Waupun as a high school student.

In January 2017 – we renamed to IKHNetworks and we moved from Harmsen Ave to Dogleg Lane in Waupun.

In 2019 – we moved from Waupun and we landed in Fond Du Lac.

In 2019 – at the Rosalind Apartments we began broadcasting on 100.7 FM – until October 1st 2021 when KFIZ began their FM station on 100.7 FM

In 2020 – We moved from The Rosalind To The Macy Street Apartments by the Lutheran Home in Fond Du Lac – we were on 98.75 FM – which appeared to cause a loss to Great 98 – based on a letter we got.

In October 2021 we began operating on 93.7 FM in Waupun – as I moved from FDL to Waupun.

While I was at 355 1/2 Doty Street for one month in 2021 – we ended up renaming as IKHRadio

In 2022 I moved from Fox Lake Road in Waupun to The Exchange @ 104 in Fond Du Lac. I was married for under 6 months, during the marriage – we rebranded to KoLee Networks

We were on 88.3 FM, 90.5 FM, 92.7 FM, 96.7 FM and even 98.3 FM. In 2022 – On New Years Day 2023 – we had a stunt with Weird Al on the radio – and on January 3rd 2023 KoLee Networking became IKHMedia.

We eventually ended up in 2023 having to shutdown our full power stations.

We moved in June 2023 to Eau CLaire Wisconsin, and then moved to Tomah Wisconsin in November 2023.

Our stations returned – not at full power but instead have built a mesh network that covers the city on one frequency using certified FCC part 15 (FCC legalized no license required operation) – like we planned on doing in Fond Du Lac.

We stopped running 200 watts as we moved to FCC Chapter 73.

We may be in the valley but we sure are strong for just 2 watts for a chapter 73 station.

I love Fond Du Lac, and I miss Fond Du Lac very much. I hope to be back in Fond Du Lac – much closer to family and to the city I call home.