News Digest 01/13/2023

Breaking News Metro by T-Mobile is shutting down – T-Mobile claims that Metro by T-Mobile is not allowing them to make money in fact it’s been said that they’ve lost a almost 1 million customers in the last quarter. And have lost almost 12 million subscribers on their prepaid brand as Project Genesis offers Cell … Read more

We Are IKHRadio

Welcome To IKHRadio – We are Fond Du Lac’s Very Own Locally Owned and Operated Radio and TV stations truly serving FDL unlike other stations that say FDL in their License but run from Milwaukee *Wink Wink*  Our Streams will return in the near future so stay tuned. 

Rosalind, Exchange @ 104 & 278 North Macy St Outages

Hi There If You Are Seeing This Message – You may be a victim of the current on going outage for a few weeks now. Now let’s get down to brass tax. If you are a resident here and can’t get TV, or internet – it’s because of contract and leasing disputes. This incident was … Read more

Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon Closed All Holiday Long

Missing Some Stations This Morning, You might be if you live, work or play in Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon. No further information is available other than – we want to avoid the city of Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon, getting free and highly illegal access to the city of Fond Du Lac light show as a … Read more

Tornado Warning Blunder & US Marshals

The national weather service issued a tornado warning for all of South Eastern Wisconsin last night starting at 7 PM and finally let it expire at 9:30 – the worst part of this blunder – is there was no tornado threat – instead human error – someone in the weather service office had actually pushed … Read more

2 Year Anniversary of Retro Rock

Retro Rock celebrates it’s 2 years on the air – we have been with Retro Rock for almost one year – actually come to think about it – September 3rd is my one year anniversary with Retro Rock. Also should make sure to let people know – including Rhett as well – we are on … Read more

Thrive Church & National EAS Test

National EAS Test is set to take place at exactly 9:20 AM this morning – National EAS test is set to be exclusive to Blue Greyhound stations a service of lockheed martin. It will use the script from the 2018 national EAS test. Only 48 stations are involved with this test. You can listen to … Read more

The Box Returns

The Box Music Network Returns To FDL TV sets. The First 14 minutes of The Box Music Network can be see with the video shown below this caption