The Box Returns

The Box Music Network Returns To FDL TV sets. The First 14 minutes of The Box Music Network can be see with the video shown below this caption

Community Calendar

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Update To Editorial: It launched 1450’s New FM Signal

Editorial Edited: AT 1:00 PM November 5th 2021 – KFIZ adds 100.7 FM to their station ID – No references online yet – Coming Soon? Editorial Edited: AT 11:30 AM March 4th 2022 – KFIZ finally added 100.7 FM to the header – still no sign of 100.7 FM on the socials or the … Read more

Follow Up On New FM Stations

With regards to the previous article with “The FCC’s Watching Waupun & the city of FDL” – add 2 more FM stations to that watchlist. 93.9 FM (W230DB) in Oshkosh which carries 1490 AM has just launched on the air and I can confirm it’s coverage does mess with 93.7 FM (W229DE The Source) and … Read more

FCC Watching 3 New FM Stations To Make Sure Smooth Launch

The FCC’s watching Waupun and the city of Fond Du Lac following the launch of KFIZ’s brand new 100.7 FM W264DN & IKHRadio’s 92.7 FM and 96.7 FM in Waupun all 3 of which are now live and hot off the press. KFIZ’s station has no mention is on their socials or their website. The … Read more

Big Changes Light Up Waupun Skies

WLKE-AM returns for the first time in over 25 years. In case you have missed I’m discontinuing FM service all together and moving strictly to AM only. This way we can’t even come close to pissing off anyone – FM is way too crowded and the Waupun Zoning laws wouldn’t allow FM at all. I … Read more

New Tower Power

AM 1170 won’t be the newest stick in the state for much longer. My move to Waupun is under 4 days away – and if you haven’t figured out – the reason we’ve stunted with “New Tower Power” is because we’ll actually have the newest tower in Waupun and it will actually be the same … Read more