Tornado Warning Blunder & US Marshals

The national weather service issued a tornado warning for all of South Eastern Wisconsin last night starting at 7 PM and finally let it expire at 9:30 – the worst part of this blunder – is there was no tornado threat – instead human error – someone in the weather service office had actually pushed the wrong button. Causing us to begin operating W65BT (TV 65 and even 87.9 FM in emergency mode – including watching the skies around FDL and reading the national weather service weather script – endlessly.

The other thing that was part of the big blunder is that if this was activated in a manner that was not human error – the tornado sirens are not working. This is why everyone should have multiple ways to get weather alerts.

It took the national weather service 2 hours to actually pull the faux pas. The mess wasn’t cleaned up, false alarm and program wasn’t allowed to return until the EOM tones – issued for stations to stop reading the tornado safety script like me doing last night on main street. The national weather service finally let the blunder die by getting superiors to pull it at 9:30 PM.

Likewise while I was actually going past Macy Street – I happened to come across police activity – which wasn’t at that time requiring a shelter in place order – I happened to walk past on the other side – walking past Penton Counseling – my therapist – continuing the broadcast of severe weather coverage on our new almost real time livestream system.

Came past the main street area on Kwik Trip around 8 PM only to walk by a car accident – worse yet – about 8:20 PM – I heard shots fired – only to see the US Marshals – start asking people to go into nearby businesses or their apartments if it was within 3 to 4 blocks – because of a very deadly situation.

Earlier around 7:15 PM I actually came across the heavy police presence and they had fire rescue and all police officers on duty the lady was in tears saying that something sinister was going to happen in the immediate area well happening to record at about 8:20 PM – heading back home from a walk on the bridge – I heard shots fired.

Heading back in that direction to go home the US Marshals it actually asked everybody to go immediately to shelter in shelter in place in the meantime you’re hearing Bob Stei who has the famous grunge garage radio show for the first time as a live simulcast on 87.9 FM it’s the first ever official simulcast of the grunge garage with Bob’s Stei and Rock’n Rhett Butler