Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon Closed All Holiday Long

Missing Some Stations This Morning, You might be if you live, work or play in Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon.

No further information is available other than – we want to avoid the city of Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon, getting free and highly illegal access to the city of Fond Du Lac light show as a result of transmitter changes that would violate the FCC rules by reducing the power – out of respect for the FDL light show.

Since – 87.9 FM will reduce its’s power against professional advice so you can enjoy the light show at Lakeside Park.

By doing this we have shutdown Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon transmitters because they are fed via a daisy chain this means non fond du lac residents will hear the lakeside park light show in Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon, which would be highly illegal.

It’s free for Fond Du Lac residence – not sure and not willing to take the risk of accidentally simulcasting an unlicensed christmas light show to non residence. I can and will allow this very serious confusion to remain in Fond Du Lac. As you’ll also hear the light show in Fond Du Lac on 96.7 FM due to the upcoming accident caused by the city.

But it not for Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon transmitters which would be fed the light show audio because of an accident that will be very clear during the holiday season.

The daisy chain setup 87.9 FM feeds, 92.7 FM, 92.7 FM feeds 96.7 FM, and 96.7 FM feeds 97.7 FM (HD2), 97.7 FM HD2 feeds 98.3 FM, and 98.3 FM feeds 102.5 FM.

With this setup you hear the exact same thing as 87.9 FM this means the light show will be available to Fond Du Lac will be heard on all repeaters. Including Fond Du Lac, and even more confusing Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon.

Since sadly – the lakeside park light show would cause harmful interference to the licensed operations of 87.9 FM.

We’ve closed down repeaters and yes that includes my crisis plans are halted for me for me in Fond Du Lac, Waupun, Alto, Brandon, Ripon – all holiday long.

Despite doing against professional advice means that by not shutting down Waupun, Alto Brandon, and Ripon transmitters, it means that Fond Du Lac lakeside park audio would be heard on 92.7 FM Ripon, 98.3 FM Alto / Brandon and 102.5 FM Waupun regardless it’s a confusing mess this year. Be safe – The Twisted Lion King Morning Show.