Rosalind, Exchange @ 104 & 278 North Macy St Outages

Hi There If You Are Seeing This Message – You may be a victim of the current on going outage for a few weeks now. Now let’s get down to brass tax.

If you are a resident here and can’t get TV, or internet – it’s because of contract and leasing disputes.

This incident was directed at me and 3 other people who needed high roof access for our medical equipment, AT&T and Charter did not wish to accommodate us and started ripping out all antennas without reaching out to the landlord about any life and safety services that may be on the building.

As a result pulled some stupid choices of their own.

In the case of the Rosalind, the dispute got so ugly that they took 3 dumpster loads of antennas off the property including repeaters for medical equipment.

In that process their own “contracted” housing authority engineer cut wires for the residents to use internet or TV.

There’s a way around this bullshit outage and let’s showcase that – number 1 – T-Mobile home internet or US Cellular home internet.

If you are at the 3rd story or higher get an indoor antenna I recommend this antenna (it’s 80$ on amazon) if you have a stereo and wish to get great radio reception so you can blast great tunes at your parties you’ll want this antenna (it’s 34$) on amazon and I’ve used this antenna just to listen to my own station and it’s really good at what it does.

Why this is key no matter what.

This will actually be better than sharing the same antenna and internet connections with all other stories in your building. The internet is like water hoses, the more connected to the building supplied internet, the more slow it will be – there’s only so much that can go around in a 10 or 8 story building.

Even after repairs I still would keep your antenna and internet private continue to use US Cellular or T-Mobile home internet and your own antenna if you wish to continue to get TV.

Regardless it will take months to repair knowing the housing authority contractors and the backlog they have for repairs.

Please be kind, show them respect, and patience. They are overworked and have next to no staff. In the case of Exchange @ 104, they have no staff running this building for a few months on end and have a regional district president here coming from Ohio / Indiana.

The Arc 278 North Macy Street Address is experiencing their own outage for months on end due to upgrades. It’s been witnessed by the Blue Greyhound News Team who saw alliant energy over by the Lutheran Home along with Spectrum vehicles and AT&T, actually removing the poles and moving utilities underground.