Alt Comes to FDL

We are on countdown mode

it’s now less than 10 hours away

WBJZ and WWRS get wearhoused again until the next big stunt.

WFHI launches tomorrow at 5 AM

A local radio blogger featured my station on their famous website – and asked about the stunt tonight with tornado sirens.

Local Radio Blogger says in their words, a radio station with explosive ideas to flank local broadcasters Mountain Dog and Radio Plus – the operator insists that the other two media broadcasters refuse to include any alternative format – when they asked – it was said it can’t be played due to licensing.

A Member of the broadcasting club asked the question – what question annoys you the most. I responded back with – people wonder if this is a threat to Radio Plus or Mountain Dog or some sort of desire to flank the market – I mean you even said it in your article – we actually are looking to be a companion to the city, meaning fill the music void left by the 2 other media companies. There’s a lot of songs that are not played on the other 2 broadcasters. There’s such a huge void that we’re looking to assist with filling up the void.

The closest Alt Station is 104.3 FM WKZG (Now WFZZ)