The Most Confusing “Bomb Threat”

Ben Sodos from IP-Echelon just recently sent a bomb threat to me this morning.

The good news is it’s not the average typical bomb threat it doesn’t appear to talk about physically bombing me or my station directly.

It doesn’t seem to discuss actual bombs – just DDOS attacks which means a threat to me digitally not physically.

The letter talks about my IP address and having my stations IP addresses being blown up by a DDOS attack if we don’t comply – but doesn’t seem provide any details on what device, if applicable yet alone – how to comply.

The threat letter sent to me which alleges someone was using P2P and threatening to blow up the stations IP addresses – doesn’t appear to be a direct bomb threat.

A simple search on google says IP-Echelon is a cyber security company but a news article says that they are well known for “copyright trolls”

IP-Echelon, founded in 2008 by Leatherland, the sole shareholder, director and secretary and is well known for being a “copyright troll” – and it has a reputation for being the best in the business.

We don’t use any p2p never have never did.

I have a reason to believe that whatever this is – is probably someone pulling a prank on me.

The letter offered very little to no insight on how to comply nor did it offer a straightforward answer – the letter was completely scattered – like a child without their adderall or focalin.

It also just seems like the absolute nature of this “threat” appears to be very much a digital threat – not a physical threat – I can’t verify the nature of it but damn – talk about this weirdest thing I’ve received in a long time.

So TV 34 is off the air – while we figure out the validity of the threat and what programming to return to the air with.

Talk about an exciting way to start the week.