Change is Coming Soon Part 2

For Many Years – you have enjoyed us as IKHMedia and IKHRadio – now it’s time to simplify this – how you might ask – easy peasy – IKHMedia, IKHMedia stands for the owners initials and more importantly – brings users to an all in one place for their media needs.

What does this mean for IKHRadio, it means that IKHRadio will be renamed?

Why the change – Just like Radio Plus, the world changes, Radio Plus is stuck with the phrase Radio Plus – despite being multimedia, both online, on air, and in person and even offering very small web-hosting services. Times changed, it would be next to impossible for Radio Plus To Rebrand.

However IKHMedia – can do so a lot quicker than Radio Plus can because we’re just getting started.

Welcome to IKHMedia – Hosting & Development of websites, custom streaming options, as well as being a local broadcaster on the air both on your radio as well as your TV.