FAQ – IKHRadio

Will the IKHRadio App Work? – Yes – it will still continue to work.

Will There be a new released app? Yes we’re working on that planning on that.

Will it be iPhone, or Android – Both, our plan is to have both iPhone, and Android Versions.

We’re looking at have an Apple TV app and Apple Watch Version as well. Roku is something we’re also looking into.

Will the dark humored radio show Twisted Stallion Remain? – Yes it sure will

Radio Morning Wood is it being replaced – I hear about the Bob And Tom Show?

No Radio Morning Wood is not being replaced with the Bob And Tom Show, Radio Morning Wood starts later in the morning from about 10 AM into 12 PM.

Why the sudden – all these changes?

We didn’t think that our station or it’s services would become this popular.

We feel very thankful for the city of Fond Du Lac and for that – we’re really working to improve the entire setup along with the entire vibes you can get.

We’ve received reports that people can hear my family of stations in Waupun and Oshkosh 24/7 and at night time the coverage expands to Beaver Dam Into Appleton which has reported reception of the stations we run here.

I have been heard at a rest stop as well on Highway B.

I thought the samething as my mom 120 watts would be very small coverage just like my mom – I too was shocked and stunned by how far the signal actually reaches.

IKHRadio Became IKHMedia we feel that IKHMedia is a far better choice to encompass all of the stuff we actually do, digital media, like website hosting and design as well as broadcast offerings, both over the air and online.

Will IKHRadio ever get an iPhone or Apple Store app, yes – I have to wait until my regular payment schedule is back.

You are doing all this for FREE how come?

Due to some medical issues I’m actually on SSI, I donate my time and do what I love.

Also this family of Radio and TV stations also serve a medical purpose as part of the Blue Greyhound Network.

This is the medical research phase which could be used to replace life alerts, and service dogs using Radio.

It of course is under very close medical supervision by medical professionals in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and Aurora Hospitals.

Because these stations also perform medical tasks – as such it would be illegal for me to sell air time.

I hear music if it’s medical why is that?

Well the reason for this is the medical band stretches from 54.1 FM to 88.1 FM.

As such 87.9 FM can be heard on most radios can actually pickup 87.5 FM through 107.9 FM something called HIPAA allows me to have privacy within reason of course.

As such the medical side of this station is actually hidden by the music it’s a radio lasagna.

The best way to describe this is like playing dress up with barbie dolls.

Because most radios go down to 87.5 FM

We’re basically obligated to begin “dressing up” the station as if it’s a regular run of the mill radio / TV station for the very reason of being picked up by most FM radios.