Our Stations Use Special Technology to be seen on your TV and heard on your dial.

Please note: Our stations use the same channels for over the air and cable.

TV 6 – WTCP 87.7 FM | TV 95 – WTCZ 95.7 FM | TV 96 – WCWC 101.7 FM | TV 97 – WFCW 107.7 FM

AM Radio & Translators: (Discontinued)

Due to popular demand – IKHMedia will be partnering with IKHRadio to bring back legendary stations like B104 / K107 / 99Q as internet radio stations which sadly means these stations will not be over the air.

We are a Franken FM station.

We’re one of 13 broadcasting on VHF channel 6, 95, 96 and 97 – this means that our TV stations also function as radio stations capable of being picked up by many standard FM receivers.

These stations are often referred to as “Franken FM”, a reference to the Frankenstein monster, as television stations that operate as radio stations have not been reviewed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

And because it’s TV – we’re able to feed our stations both over the air and through Spectrum which means we have a lot of value to offer the community. Unlike normal radio stations – we are able to offer our station to Spectrum – so even if antennas aren’t welcome, you can still pick us up clear as a bell just plug your radio into the wall outlet that already gives you internet, TV or house phone.