Changes For The Better

I found myself ready to jump off the T-Mobile and US Cellular track soon Due to it being NOT very affordable. Project Genesis is something I’ve been looking at because it’s got unlimited hotspot for just 20$ per month and a one time fee of 349$ for the device fully upfront.

It does not state whether the user can bring their own device but one thing I know is I will use the hotspot which normally is 600+ – it costs 349$ one time fee to get this router. It can have it’s IMEI changed if I wished to do so for being able to use carrier locked sim cards – like T-Mobile Home Internet or US Cellular home internet. And that’s got battery backup on it so that’s why I’m so tempted to do this because in the long term it saves me money. The LBR20 which is my US Cellular Netgear when unlocked can be brought to T-Mobile or any carrier and yes you guessed it is the same router that Radio Plus uses for live broadcasting.

Which you can read about the trouble I’m facing with getting US Cellular to work in this building – T-Mobile and Verizon managed to work without issues assuming you are near a window. US Cellular doesn’t work at all – for that reason I had US Cellular help me find a solution – a booster from WeBoost is being used. And It appears I have to register the device to begin using.

While I’m there I will most certainly ask why the booster is very hot given that I am on a payment plan for the booster and the iPhone as well as my home internet. Just like Radio Plus does I plan to bring my USB modem or my netgear LBR20 to live events which can be unlocked after payments are finished.

I also found out that it’s possible to get the same laptop I got from MPTC for 285$ now – a great deal compared to the 1,400$ it cost when I was in school.

I’m looking to have a 2nd laptop. Because it’s time to make things better. I’m also workin getting a J-Pole for 94.7 FM, 87.7 and also for 105.1

On the engineering side I’m going to get at least one Digital TV modulator to get TV 34.1 to run at full power and likewise I will be getting a new server rack which will be about 6 feet in the air but well worth it for my needs as the station server rack is in dire need of being upgraded. Likewise I will remove the motherboards from the existing cases and actually use a 2U server rack case to place the 2 computers hanging on the top of my stuff – more notably I will be buying a barrix both instreamer and exstreamer in the months ahead.